Alexandra Harfield Choreographer | Movement Director

Alexandra Harfield

Choreographer | Movement Director

My passion for the creative process

The artist or client’s vision is at the heart of the process. Peeling back the layers of meaning, diving deep into the details, linking the client's wishes and my insights into the equation—this is how movement finds its expression or how a theme gradually transforms into a show. It is an alchemistic process with real magic born from an exchange of ideas. 

Every individual or group I have the pleasure to work with as a choreographer or movement director is singular and extraordinary in their ways. When our potentials meet, the creative energy drives us to develop something unique. All my passion, experience and professionalism go into this creation process, from the first brainstorming, into the production and on to the polished performance. It is hard work. It is never anything less than challenging. But it is always magical.    


Choreography and directing movement 

Movement is a language, and it conveys emotion. The scope we have to create is just endless. Whether choreographing an entire piece or directing movements to enhance a scene, I want to find a natural progression that the artists can embody, touching the audience with their performance. 



Choreography, writing with movement, creating sequences - these performances often stand alone. Movement direction focuses on the language carried through the performance, whether it be Film, scenes on stage or a highlight of expression in a photograph or advert. It needs physical manifestation to emphasize the emotion.


Bringing the protagonists' potential to the fore

Design, dramaturgy and precision, of course, are crucial to the success of a performance. But if movement is electrifying rather than just stylish and slick, I believe the movement director or choreographer must find a way to tap the protagonists' full potential.

To put on a transcendent performance where mind, body and movement are one, they must be made aware of their potential. I want to bring out that specific something that makes each dancer, artist, actor or musician unique. From that first rehearsal, getting to know a performer's body and the way they move naturally, building trust helps the process immensely. I wish to encourage and challenge them to step out of their physical and mental comfort zones and step up to the next artistic level. Then, if I have done my job, they take the stage overflowing with confidence that inspires and enthrals the audience.



How I can support you

Creative Consulting
Show Conception & Production
Show Direction | Staging
Movement Direction | Performance Coaching
Artist Booking | Artist Support
Assistant Director

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Alexandra Biography

With over 25 years in the event and entertainment industry, Alex's experience spans over many avenues from stage to stadium, television to fashion, as well as live brand entertainment. Australian born Alex has lived in Germany for the past 20 years, involved in numerous projects throughout Europe and Asia.  As a choreographer and movement director, her passion for every project is creating something that triggers and ignites the audience's emotions.  She has a way of working with people, embracing the talent surrounding her, and creating an atmosphere that artists can thrive in.

Alex grew up in the suburbs of Melbourne, attending dance classes from the age of 5.  At 16, she completed a classical ballet diploma at the National Theatre Ballet School. During this time, Alex caught the eye of the commercial dance teacher, who owned a production company and began to work in the event & television industry. By 17, she auditioned for musical theatre and started a contract with Phantom of the Opera at 18.


Her next stop would be with Cats in Hamburg, which prompted the move to Europe in 1997.  After performing for two years with Cats, she moved into freelance work. An 'all-rounder', her skills and experience quickly launched a long and successful career in the event & entertainment industry as a dancer, choreographer, singer, model, and actor. Alex said goodbye to the stage in 2012 and has since then focused more on choreography, movement direction, creative consulting and supporting projects to come to life.

'Every project is about how a team and the vision of that team comes to light. There are so many parts in play, each one being so important. The magic and the success of the performance is in the small, subtle details and the way we blend them.'



I'm a girl from down under who loves flip flops

I grew up on the other side of the world, ‘Down Under’  just outside Melbourne. I'm now at home in Germany, even calling thongs 'flip flops', much to the dismay of my family. 

Movement and performance have always been a part of my life, and it is indeed a blessing to be able to do what I love and connect with the most.  My professional career has followed many paths, but the red thread that weaves through continues to be movement in all its styles, possibilities and performance

The beautiful Taunus near Frankfurt is where I am currently at home. I love that I can enjoy the buzz of the city if I want to but still be close to nature. 

I love what I do, spending my time preparing for projects, new shows or events, being in the rehearsal space or on location. Then, when it's time to wind down, you'll find me pottering around on my terrace or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.