Alexandra Harfield Creative Show Direction / Choreography

Alexandra Harfield

Creative Show Direction / Choreography

The creative process—that's my passion

The client or artist’s vision is at the heart of everything I do. Peeling back the layers of meaning, diving deep into the details, linking the client's wishes and my insights into the equation—this is how a theme gradually transforms into a show. It is an alchemistic process with real magic born from an exchange of ideas.

Every individual or group I have the pleasure to work with as a choreographer or artistic director is singular and extraordinary in their own ways. When our potentials meet, the creative energy drives us to develop something truly special.

All my passion, experience, discipline and professionalism go into this process of creation, from the first brainstorming, into the production and on to the polished performance. It is hard work. It is never anything less than challenging. But it is always magical.    

Choreography is more than just stringing steps together

Even as a dancer, I always felt that choreography is much more than merely a series of sequenced steps. It is a language spoken by the body and soul. If steps are the nouns and verbs, the transitional moves are the connecting words that form phrases and sentences the audience can read.



And if the writing is eloquent, it will move the audience to tears, to joy, to those spine-tingling moments that are the essence of show business—that, to me, is choreography.

Bringing the protagonists' potential to the fore

Design, dramaturgy and precision, of course, are crucial to the success of an event. But if the event or choreography is to be electrifying rather than just stylish and slick, I believe the creative director or choreographer must find a way to tap the protagonists' full potential.

For performers to put on a transcendent performance where mind, body and movement are one, they must be made aware of their potential. I want to bring out that certain something that makes each dancer, artist, actor or musician unique. Out on the stage, I want to see this individuality oozing from every pore.

This is why I encourage and challenge them to step out of their physical and mental comfort zones and step up to the next artistic level. If I have done my job, they take the stage overflowing with confidence that inspires and enthrals the audience.





How I can support you

Creative Consulting
Show Conception & Production
Show Direction / Staging
Movement Direction / Performance Coaching
Artist Booking / Artist Support
Assistant Director

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I'm a girl from down under who loves flip flops

I grew up on the far side of the world, Down Under in Melbourne. My second home is Germany, but at the first hint of spring my thongs - that’s flip flops to the rest of the world - come out and I try not to put them back until I need to put UGG boots on.

The work I do has been a blessing. A dancer in New York, a choreographer across Europe, a yoga teacher in spectacular sunspots - it's been quite the merry-go-round for me on this lovely little planet of ours. 

The beautiful Taunus near Frankfurt is where I am currently at home. And truth be told, my journey has been less about places and more about all the unique and inspiring people I had the fortune of meeting along the way.

Much of my time is spent on the road for my job, planning the next yoga class, and working on new shows or events. When it’s time to wind down, you’ll find me pottering around on my terrace, elbow-deep in the earth, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.